P 172-173

My brother recently sent me a copy of his novel through his Kindle account.   He’s been writing it in his spare time while teaching in South Korea.  He wants me to send him a copy of what I have finished of Sacco.  But I’m hesitate. Not because I don’t want his opinion.  It’s because the drawings from the first chapter are inferior to my latest completed pages.   Plus I’d like to believe my storytelling has gotten better.


I mentioned this hesitation to him.  He said it’s not uncommon- look at the Harry Potter books.  J. K. Rowling’s craft in the first book feels rough and jagged compared to the final.  He had a point.  Except novels are typed words.  Their worth is contingent on if you know the language it’s printed in. A graphic novel is apparent no matter what language- at least visually. 

Below are the first 2 pages I created in January 2009 overlapped by the 2 pages I completed inking this week (P172-173).  I haven’t finished adding all the grey tones to the pages from this week.  As for the 2009 pages, at that time I had just begun inking with a brush and constructing entire pages with several panels.  Prior to this I normally did one-off illustrations with ink pens for freelance assignments.  The 2009 pages aren’t in my final draft of Sacco.  I’ve already redrawn them. 


However I’m not the only illustrator/cartoonist whose style changes as their work progresses.  Look at Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work from the first and sixth Scott Pilgrim book (below).  There is a vast difference.  Tighter lines, better form, more apparent panel edges and all his characters don’t look alike by the end of the story.  (The last one is a common complaint I’ve heard by fans of the series)  


So maybe it doesn’t matter what the earlier pages look like.


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