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My good friend from art school, Blair, visited NYC this past week.  He’s easily one of the most creative people I’ve ever met.  Besides the innovative work he did in college, he’s done graphic/web work for big name companies and started his own successful retail internet site (Check it out: Pillowmob.com) .  I caught up with him at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.  My wife was not there- which has been the trend when I see Blair.  Though I see him every year or so, my wife is perhaps as busy as he is- this weekend she was in the Hamptons.


The past week I had been working on my query letter to send to potential publishers once I finish drawing “Sacco.”  Most publishers require completed works for first time cartoonists.  I know I have a minimum of 3 years left before completion, but it’s never too early to start the prep work.  Below is a rough draft of the query letter.  How does it sound? Does it make you want to at least view the 1st 20 pages? Any other thought? 


 To Mrs. Publisher:

“Sacco” – A completed 350 page graphic novel draws on my high school experiences and examines modern day issues.  I have been a freelance illustrator for the past decade with a client base largely in magazines and businesses, such as The Source, Playgirl and LA City Beat.  I have been approached in the past to illustrate graphic novels but felt I needed a story that was worth my time and energy. 


In “Sacco” a student brings a gun to school to methodically shoot his classmates, Victor and his friend Sim must hide inside a classroom and review the past few months leading up to the attack and the shocking revelation that they unwittingly, through a series of events, orchestrated the shooting themselves. 


For Victor it should have begun innocently enough.  Boy meets girl.  Boy falls for girl and a life happily ever after.  But for Victor, he had to meet a girl …by running over her bike.   Enter Cari Air, a rambunctious teenage girl with a pen chance for costumes and imaginative interpretations of mundane phenomenon. Out of guilt he’s coerced to give her rides to school but little does she know he’s convinced they were destined to meet- due to a thinly veiled coincidence.  Unfortunately his friend Sim believes otherwise.  Having been burned by his own failed beliefs, Sim attempts to open Victor’s eyes by challenging his convictions with a test that will culminate in a senseless attack on their high school.  

“Sacco” sheds light on how individuals keep meaning in their lives when everywhere they turn a dark question mark lingers.  It attempts to examine how the human consciousness has a need for narratives and how that narrative simplifies and distorts reality and affects the decisions we make.


With this letter, I’ve enclosed an SASE, a short synopsis and the first 20 pages of the graphic novel.  I would be happy to send the completed story upon request.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


Kevin M Learn


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