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I decided to go to a meeting for aspiring comic book creators in NYC.  I agreed to it and then forced myself not to think about it.  Meeting new people is difficult.  Add in you’re opening up about something close to you and have placed a lot of hard work into- it can get nerve-racking.  At least my experiences from art school critiques have prepared me for the usual annoying personalities but hoped a few good eggs would show up too. 

I was not disappointed to see both groups represented. 

One guy, a screenwriter and not an artist, (maybe he misread the description of the group) was putting together “high concept” storylines (his words) that would instantly sell.  He just needed to find financing for the projects.   For example basketball players abducted by aliens to fight an intergalactic war- totally high concept right (not sure what that phrase means)?  After looking at my work he attempted to recruit me to draw storyboards and when I told him my graphic novel (not a screenplay) involved a school shooting he informed me it wasn’t high concept enough.  Hollywood would never pick it up.  I wanted to ask him if I needed more aliens.  (I’ve drawn several basketball players in “Sacco” already- so I had that base covered)

I also met two guys that were in the beginning stages of their graphic novels.  One was a writer and had a friend who was doing the artwork.  The storyline was dark and the art matched it perfectly.  The other didn’t bring any material but could articulate his plot with great clarity and sounded intriguing and not a simple one line blurb.  The screenwriter panned their ideas as low concept also. 

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