P17, Year 2009

The purpose of this blog is to journal the progression of my graphic novel.  In 2006 I began writing it and in 2009 I began drawing it.  It took me 3 years to finish chapter one.  2012 was chapter 2.  I am hoping to finish chapter 3 by the end of this year.  I do not know how long the final 3 chapters will take yet (hopefully only 3 years).

Chapter one took longer due to several reasons.  One, I moved to New York City with my wife.  Secondly, I was attempting to finish taking the CFA tests, which are financial tests pertaining to analyzing financial securities.  Thirdly, I made a lot of mistakes along the way.  The learning curve was great but I feel I’ve made ample progress.

One of my biggest motivators for this blog was the image I recently posted (p17, 2009). My wife and I were living in an apartment building with 2 of our closest friends living right down the hall.  They recently got married and were leaving Chicago in search of jobs in/around Milwaukee. Both were not home at the time (most likely in Milwaukee, since they were in the process of moving) and we had a key to their apartment.  I didn’t want to wake people (someone was sleeping on the couch I recall but I can’t remember who) so I went to their apartment and drew this page.  This page is my last memory of my friends living in Chicago.  A few months later, we were gone too- to New York.Image

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